Card Counting Methods

Card Counting Methods

Here, we will explain the card counting of the ” high-low system ” , which is a method of “counting roughly” . The method is very simple. First, let ‘s set 5 of 10, J, Q, K and A to “-1” . Next, let 5 of 2 , 3 , 4, 5 , and 6 be “+1” . The remaining 7 , 8 and 9 are “± 0” . All you have to do is apply the cards that came into play casino online malaysia to this number and calculate the total.

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If the total counting is negative

There are many cards with the role of “10” of 10, J, Q, and K. In other words, the larger the negative number, the more difficult it is to get a card with the role of “10”. In this situation, it is easy for the player to be disadvantaged , so don’t try to force yourself, but wait for the situation to change by watching the situation for a small amount of money.

If the total counting is positive

In this case, on the contrary, there are only a few cards with the role of “10” of 10, J, Q, and K. In other words, the larger the positive number, the easier it is to get a card with the role of “10” . In this situation, the player has an advantage, so double down or aggressively hit 11 or less to aim for 21.

Practical examples of card counting

Let’s actually assume and see an example. First, let’s say the stage is a live casino of an online casino. There are many online casinos where up to 7 players can be seated at the same time, but since there are few patterns to play when the casino is full, we will use 1 dealer and 3 players (players A to C) this time. Suppose you start the game as it is and finish one game. Check the place where it is over. (You can check it while doing it.)

Suppose Player A has 2 cards of 8 and J, Player B has 2 cards of K and 10, Player C has 2 cards of 7 and A, and Dealer has 3 cards of 3 and K and 5. Applying this to card counting, player A is ± 0 and -1 for a total of -1, player B is -1 and -1 for a total of -2, player C is ± 0 and -1 for a total of -1, and the dealer is +. 1 and -1 and +1 add up to +1 and all add up to -3.

The fact that the total is negative means that there is a tendency for more cards with the role of “10” to appear than the probability, and it is difficult for the card with the role of “10” to appear next time.Furthermore, if the total of the next game is also negative, it will be difficult for the next game to play a card with the role of “10”, and you can take a strategy that makes it difficult for you to play “10”. Also, at live casino blackjack, 52 playing cards without jokers of about 3 to 5 pieces are mixed and put in the mountain, so more bias occurs, but at the end it always approaches ± 0. I will. Especially when it is positive, it will be very hot because it will be easy for the player to get “10” after that.

Card counting prohibited at Land Casino

Actually, it is “card counting” which is also this winning method, but Banned at Land Casino.. In other words, this winning method is a method limited to online casinos that no one has seen . You can participate from the front of your PC or smartphone, so you can take notes, or you can count aloud. It’s the strongest method that can be banned, so be sure to use it with the basic strategy, which is the basic strategy at online casinos. It is not a dream to exceed 100% recovery rate.

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